Bae Song Hwan 사진
Bae Song Hwan
Food Processing
Engineering Hall 2 Building #105


* Education

- Ph.D.,

* Publications 

- Eun Young Jung, Seong Yeong Kim, Song Hwan Bae, Un Jae Chang, Jang Won Choi and Hyung Joo Suh (2011) "Weight Reduction Effects of Yeast Hydrolysate Below 10 kDa On Obese Young women" Journal of Food Biochemistry, 35, 337~350

- Hyun-Sun Lee, Eun-Young Jung, Song Hwan Bae, Ki Han Kwon, Jin-Man Kim and Hyung Joo Suh (2011) “Stimulation of Osteoblastic Differentiation and Mineralization in MC3T3-E1 Cells by Yeast Hydrolysate“ Phytotherapy Research, 25, 716~723

- Song Hwan Bae, Hyun-Sun Lee, Mi-Ryung Kim, Sun Young Kim, Jin-Man Kim, and Hyung Joo Suh (2011) “Changes of Ginsenoside Content by Mushroom Mycelial Fermentation in Red Ginseng Extract” J. Ginseng Res. 35(2), 235-242

- 임창완, 강경규, 유영복, 배송환, 김병희 (2011) “꽃송이버섯 추출물과 추출잔사의 식이섬유 및 베타글루칸 함량” 한국식품영양학과회(포스터발표), 2011. 10. 31~2011. 11. 2(부산)

- .Eun-Young Jung, Sung Sun Park, Jay Hwan Kim, Un Jae Chang, Song Hwan Bae, Jang Won Choi, and Hyung Joo Suh (2011) “Safety Study of Yeast Hydrolysate with below 10kDa Molecular Weight in Animal Models" Journal of Health Science, 57(6), 532-539

- Song Hwan Bae, Jang Won Choi, Kyung-Won Yu, Kwang-Soon Shin, Sung Sun Park and Hyung Joo Suh (2012) "Anti-complementary activity of enzyme-treated traditional Koran rice wine(Makgeolli) hydrolysates" J Sci Food Agric, 92(8), 1765-1770

- Jae Hwan Kim, Eun Young Jung, Yang Hee Hong, Song Hwan Bae, Jin Man Kim, Dong Ouk Noh, Tsutomu Nozaki, Toshitada Inoue, and Hyung Joo Suh (2012) "Short Communication: Pet foods with yeast hydrolysate can reduce body weight and increase girth in beagle dogs" Can. J. Anim. Sci., 92(2), 207-210

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